Why Invest?

SEO in the medical & healthcare field is one of the hardest to target. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. We care about websites the same way you, as a medical professional, care for patients. Increase your search engine rankings, traffic, and conversions. Bring your practice to light. We can help you get there.


How We Help You

Our process includes a mixture of proven, data-driven methods. Including niche specific research, White Hat SEO, geographical keyword targeting, page speed optimization, content marketing, analytics, and more. Our services are designed to drive more leads to your website within the first 30-60 days, ultimately helping you stand out from high ranking competitors in your area and streamlining your business. Build long lasting relationships with clients. Our dedicated team researches your niche, choose topics based on related keywords, and optimizes engaging copy that is helpful to your patients. Your website will demonstrate your expertise and ultimately increase your company’s rankings, reputation, and authority.

Nurture your leads. Invest in high quality, relatable content. With the right mix of SEO and marketing strategies from our experts at Peaks, your practice will gain authority online, allowing you to find more people in need of medical care.


Promote top tier leadership. Be found and drive leads. There’s a reason organic SEO is the best type of traffic. SEO traffic converts higher. Higher retention rate = the best ROI possible.

Mobile Optimization

More than 70% of healthcare queries are made on a mobile device and 40% of users bounce from websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Optimizing images, videos, and files to increase page speed makes all the difference in user experience flow and satisfaction.

White Hat SEO

Transparent, innovative, and dedicated. White Hat SEO is used to improve your search engine rankings while staying within Google’s terms of services, keeping the integrity of your site, and building trust between your medical business & clients.

Analytics + Reporting

Progress and communication are key to successful SEO results. We will provide you with clear, transparent monthly reports to identify areas of success and options for next steps.

Content Marketing

You will be provided with compelling content that satisfies Google’s requirements and converts users, resulting in increased website traffic, calls from qualified leads, and better overall value to your medical practice.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Convert more traffic by implementing mobile and user experience optimizations on your website. Increase your site’s conversion rate and ensure more targeted leads make it to your sales team.

Empower Your Practice

You need quality healthcare content mixed with technical SEO campaigns to make a prominent impact online. We will guide you up the mountain. Our experts will determine your target audience and create optimized content related to high volume keywords in your industry. All areas of your site will be impacted, including landing pages, blogs, email marketing campaigns, and more. All content is driven by your patients’ wants and needs at the forefront. No long-term contracts. Honest and transparent processes. We have one goal in mind. Increase your traffic, scale your practice, and get you in contact with qualified leads in need of care.

Begin your Medical SEO journey today. Build authority. Create an effective online presence.